Transform Your Sales Process with AutoFlow Generative AI Sales Automation

Unlock the Power of Generative Conversational AI of OpenAI ChatGPT and RPA to free yourself from sales administrative tasks like answering FAQs, booking appointments, tracking deals and sending promotions.


Sales Professional's Problems

Wasting too much time on Sales Administrative tasks and can't focus on selling 

Sales professionals often waste time on administrative tasks like answering FAQs, booking appointments, tracking deals and sending promotions. This reduces their productivity and revenue potential. They need a way to automate these tasks and focus on closing deals.


Without automation, you have to hire and manage a sales administrator costing at least over $24,000 a year plus welfare and benefits.

Unlike automation, sales administrators also cannot work 24/7 - 365 days a year.


There are plenty of tools and platforms out there that does automation, but most sales professionals do not have the skills or knowledge to build it.


Hiring a programmer or company that doesn't understand sales causes more problems than solves it.

Solution for Sales Professionals

Maximize Engagement, Efficiency, and Focus on Closing Sales

AutoFlow is a Generative Conversational AI platform that can handle up to 80% of your sales administrative tasks on messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger and Website Live Chat. AutoFlow is faster than humans, available 24/7, and built by sales experts for sales professionals. AutoFlow saves you time, reduces your costs, and drives up your sales!




Speed & Efficiency

AutoFlow is capable of handling up to 80% of your sales administrative tasks on messaging platforms, is faster than humans and available 24/7. 

Messaging platforms have 45x higher and faster engagement/conversion rate compared to emails.

AutoFlow saves you time, reduces your costs, and drives up your sales!


Instant Engagment & Tracking

With AutoFlow, customers get their answers instantly, you book appointments automatically, track qualified deals into the CRM to follow up accordingly, and you can send promotions to customers over messaging platforms to drive conversion.

You focus on closing deals, AutoFlow handles the rest!   


Built by Sales Experts for Sales Professionals

At AutoFlow, we build automation for you according to your business needs, not just provide a platform for you to figure out yourself. 

AutoFlow is built by sales experts for sales professionals, not like other generic automators in the market. Sales runs in our blood, and we automate sales to do it better!

How it works


Create engaging AI Generated Videos for Social Media & Live Streams to generate leads. Leads generate inquiries that requires the next part of our solution. Inquiries can come from WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Website Live Chat and automatically answered and guided by our chatbots. 



 Manually replying customer inquiries the traditional way is time consuming and frustrating.



AutoFlow instantly guides customers to what they want. 



AutoFlow answers immediately with AI. 


Book appointments without back and forth according to your calendar settings.


Chatbot qualify the deals and add them for you to track.



Send customers promotions or updates on their current deals.



AutoFlow Technology

Proven Technology, Raving Reviews


AutoFlow Technology

AutoFlow creates engaging AI generated videos with HeyGen. AutoFlow automation is built on SendPulse for RPA Chatbots and CRM, the same technology that large multi-national sales team uses and there are raving reviews on the platform. AutoFlow is also partnered with Microsoft to leverage the powerful Azure OpenAI ChatGPT to maximize effectiveness and accuracy with enterprise data.

No matter if you are a solopreneur sales professional, or a large team spread across continents, AutoFlow can cater to your needs.

Yes! AutoFlow is inexpensive and especially valuable for the solopreneur sales professional with no one to help with sales administrative tasks. 


Customers Success Stories

Real Results, Satisfied Customers


Incredible Productivity

"As a small business owner, I never believed automation could work for me in terms of budget or returns on investment. Everything I did was manual and I spent more time doing those than actual photography and videography projects. Now I can focus on revenue generating projects and leave most of the administrative work to AutoFlow! The extra revenue easily covers my automation costs! It is well worth it! Even my mental health has improved!"

Linda Koh, Freelance Photographer


Increasing Sales and Employee Satisfaction

"I was amazed by the impact of integrating sales automation into our customer sales process. With the help of AutoFlow, we witnessed a remarkable 50% increase in sales and a significant 80% reduction in response time. My team has improved work-life balance and can focus on what really matters to them; sales revenue and family time. It has truly transformed our business." 

John Lee, Sales Director Home Improvement


Autopilot Sales Operations

"Only after starting my independent clinic, I realized there were too much sales and appointment processes taken care of by my ex-employer which were critical to sustain my practice. Struggling with finances, hiring another clinic assistant to help wasn't an option. Turning to AutoFlow changed my life and practice. Enquires and appointments are on autopilot, and I could boost patient visits during low seasons with promotions."

Dr Susan Choi, Independent Specialist Clinic


Expanded Business

"Moving house is tough work and everyday I have to entertain people asking me "PM price, how big your lorry, got furniture protection or not and all that nonsense", tired la bro! Lucky now got AutoFlow handling all these for me, I can sleep at night. I also got more houses to move, expanded to 3 more lorries. Power la dey!"

Kumar Chandra, Moving Services


Improved Leads Management and Conversion Rates

"Integrating Sales Automation has been a game-changer for us. Thanks to AutoFlow's exceptional work, our customers appreciate the 24/7 availability and instant responses provided through messenging platforms. I could fairly distribute incoming leads, monitor deals progress and adjust our strategies leading to 60% conversion rates. Sending new product launches to warm contacts also increased our leads by 50%!" 

Sarah Ho, Team Manager - Financial Advisory


Business Upgrade

"We started our home-based nasi lemak on Instagram during COVID just to make ends meet. We didn't expect it to go viral. We had to handle all these messages, comments and orders, then couldn't make nasi lemak fast enough! My friend introduced AutoFlow to me, now everything is automatic, we can do more business so we have to upgrade to a central kitchen. "

Faisal & Adelia, Central Kitchen F&B

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